Below are the timings & sections for Saturday's SHOWING SHOW. As you can see we have a lot of entries & a long day, so do please be ready on time for your classes, we will not wait for you.
Please note the earlier than published start time for the ridden classes in ring 2.
We will do our absolute best to stick to time on the day, but any excessive delays will be published on here.
The cafe will be open all day, serving hot & cold food & drink & delicious cakes, please wear a mask when you go in to order.
1 groom on the floor per horse/pony, under 12yos are permitted 2 grooms.
Numbers to be collected in the lorry park on arrival.
Please use the hand sanitising stations & maintain social distancing whenever possible.

RING 1. IN-HAND. 9.30am
9.30am Class 1. Best turned out. 6 entries
9.45am Class 2 Youngstock. 8 entries
10.15am Class 3A Novice Section 1. 7 entries
10.45am Class 3B Novice Section 2. 7 entries
11.15am Class 4 Couloured. 9 entries
11.50am Class 5A M&M Small breeds. 8 entries
12.25Class 5B M&M Large breeds. 7 entries
12.50pm Class 6 Cob. 7 entries
2.00pm Class 7 Bays/Blacks/Greys/Chestnuts. 10 entries
2.55pm Class 8 Sports Horse. 4 entries
3.20pm Class 9 Thoroughbred. 2 entries
3.35pm Class 10 Veteran. 8 entries
4.10pm Class 11 Hunter. 2 entries
4.20pm Class 12 Foreign breeds. 4 entries

10.00am Class 13A Novice Section 1. 6 entries
10.40am Class 13B Novice Section 2. 6 entries
11.20am Class 14 Coloured. 7 entries
11.55am Class 15 4, 5 & 6yo. 5 entries
12.20pm Class 16 M&M. 6 entries
12.50pm Class 17 Thoroughbred. 4 entries
1.10pm Class 18 Veteran. 9 entries
2.20pm Class 19 Cob. 5 entries
2.45pm Class 20A Bays/Blacks/Greys/Chestnuts Section 1. 7 entries
3.20pm Class 20B Bays/Blacks/Greys/Chestnuts Section 2. 7 entries
3.55pm Class 21 Lead-rein. 9 entries
4.30pm Class 22 First ridden. 7 entries
5.00pm Class 23 Hunter. 7 entries
5.35pm Class 24 Foreign breeds. 1 entry
5.40pm Class 25 Concours. 8 entries

RING 3. WORKERS. 10.00am
10.00am Class 26 Very novice. 8 entries
11.00am Class 27 Novice. 8 entries
12.00pm Class 28 Intermediate. 15 entries
2.15pm Class 29 Advanced. 12 entries
4.00pm Class 30 Open. 6 entries

RING 4. FUN CLASSES. 11.00am
11.00am Class 31 Angels on horseback. 10 entries
11.30am Class 32 Most handsome gelding. 8 entries
12.00pm Class 33 Prettiest mare. 9 entries
12.45pm Class 34 Fancy dress. 7 entries
1.10pm Class 35 Child handler. 6 entries

Class 3A In hand novice Section1
Donna Chapman
Maxine Mc Kernan
Debbie Campling
Harriet Perry-Warnes
Michelle Hall
Julie Betts
Jenna Land

Class 3B In hand novice Section2
Hayley Emery
Daisy Burn
Katie Sheridan
Holly Acton
Imogen Gill
Sophia Sutton
Jessica Proctor

Class 13A Ridden novice section1
Livie Smith
Daisy Burn
Poppy Lowe
Chloe Carter
Tia Wynne - Rogerson
Sophia Sutton

Class 13B Ridden novice section2
Isabelle Abel
Ella Cannell
Olivia Murphy
Lizzie Emmett
Oscar Ryder-Bayes
Helen Nelson

Class 20A ridden bays/blacks/greys/chestnuts Section1
Ruby Murfitt
Emily Stowell
Ebony Cracknell
Oakley Ryder-Bayes
Livie Smith
Emma Farnan
Claire Ward

Class 20A ridden bays/blacks/greys/chestnuts Section2
Annastasia Christoforou Fox
Sophie Kemble
Amity Gardner
Kay Brown
Karen Goldsmith
Sophia Sutton
India Hodge